* 1. I am a

2. If other, please specify

3. School name

* 4. Have you watched FREE

* 5. Have you shown FREE to pupils?

* 6. How did you watch/show the film?

* 7. How did pupils react to the film?

* 8. Overall, how would you rate the film?

9. Do you have any comments on the film?

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

* 10. The film will make it easier to talk about different types of family, including same-sex parents, with my pupils

* 11. The film will help us to tackle homophobic bullying and language within my school

* 12. The film shows pupils that difference is something to be celebrated

13. The film is well pitched for Key Stage 2 pupils

* 14. I would recommend the film to others

15. Which was your favourite story?

16. What did you think of Danni's story?

17. What did you think of Jake's story?

18. What did you think of Linus' story?

19. What did you think of Emma's story?

20. What further supporting resources or training would you like to help you use the film?

21. Did you experience any difficulties using the film?

22. How did you hear about the film?

23. How have pupils behaved differently since seeing the film?