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* 1. What is your position:

* 2. Were you a First Time Attendee?

* 3. Are you likely to come to another ERC meeting?

* 4. What is the major reason you attend ERC meetings:

* 5. What about this ERC meeting was of most value to you?

Low Value to High Value

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Plenary Sessions
Policy Committee Meetings
Skill Building Workshops
Presenting or Facilitating Workshop Sessions

6. If you are required to get leadership approval to attend, what information or support is needed to get approval?

* 7. Have you used information from ERC meetings to introduce or alter legislation?

8. Would you be interested in being interviewed by ERC staff for our publications?

9. Are spouse and jr. delegate programs important for you to attend meetings?

* 10. What did you like MOST about the event?

* 11. What did you like LEAST about the event?

* 12. What are your policy interest areas?

13. What new policy areas are important to you?

14. Please rate the quality of the following:
Low Value to High Value

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Conference Location - Bally's Hotel
Bally's Staff
Bally's Hotel Rooms
Bally's Meeting Rooms

* 15. How did you Register for the meeting?

* 16. When you arrived :

  Yes No
Were signs clearly marking the Registration Area?
Were your Registration materials available?
Were your Registration materials correct?
Were staff able to answer your questions easily and quickly?

17. Additional comments?