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Town of Whitby "Sort it Right" Survey

The "Sort it Right" program is a Town of Whitby public space waste minimization initiative. This program introduced standardized multi-sort waste containers in the summer of 2011.

Please tell us what you think of this program:

1. Which Town Facilities do you use most frequently?

2. Are you a Whitby resident?

3. Have you noticed the new "Sort it Right" waste containers in Town facilities?

4. Please tell us your impression of the "Sort it Right" program?

5. Please tell us what condition you found the containers in:

6. Please tell us how easily you were able to locate the "Sort it Right" bins?

7. Please tell us if you understood the messaging and labels on the containers?

8. Overall, are you satisfied with the new "Sort it Right" waste containers at Town facilities?

9. What changes would most improve the "Sort it Right" waste minimization program?