SIGMAA Annual Reports are due March 15, 2015.

1. Submission Information

2. General SIGMAA Information

3. Please describe any activities of your SIGMAA at JMM, MathFest, or MAA section meetings.

4. Please describe any activities of your SIGMAA outside of the MAA national or section meetings.

5. Meetings of your SIGMAA Executive Committee/Board - Please indicate the process by which your SIGMAA officers met and/or did business, including frequency success of your process.

6. SIGMAA Officers: Please list the names and emails

7. Electronic SIGMAA Services - Please describe utilization of electronic services, such a e-mailing to the SIGMAA membership, web page development, listserv activity, electronic newsletter, etc. Comment on the success of such activities or problems encountered.

8. Other Benefits of SIGMAA Membership Provided - Please describe any services, other than electronic services, provided to your SIGMAA’s membership.  Examples might be hard copy mailings of welcome letters to new members, a mailed newsletter or journal, etc.

9. Finances - Please describe your major expenditures over the past year.

10. Successful Ideas to Share - Please describe one (or several!) of the most successful activities (events, services, etc.) of your SIGMAA that other SIGMAAs might adopt or emulate.

11. Issue Bin - Please list any issues that arose that should be considered by the Department of Programs and Services and/or the Committee on SIGMAAs.