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1. The opinions of parents/community really count.

2. Parents/Community have ample opportunity to voice their opinions.

3. Parents/Community can make a real difference in the way our school district operates.

4. Parents/Community feel that there is a partnership between them and the school district.

5. There is enough information available in the media, district website and district/building newsletters to help me understand what is going on in the district.

6. A wide range of activities are offered to students.

7. Students/Parents know exactly what is expected of them.

8. Members of the district's staff are models of respectful and responsible behavior and conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with students and the public.

9. Teachers contact parents to discuss their children's progress.

10. Teachers communicate with parents by e-mail or written notes.

11. Parents/Community members feel welcome when they visit the school.

12. Administrators at the school are helpful.

13. The support staff at the school-custodians, clerks, cafeteria staff-seem to care about the students.

14. The school buildings are kept clean.

15. Teachers seem to enjoy teaching at the school.

16. The school is safe and orderly.

17. In general, the school district staff, including the Board of Education are approachable and professional in their dealings with the public.

18. Central Office staff, including the Superintendent, Directors, and support staff are helpful and accommodating.

19. I currently have students enrolled in the following buildings in the Fort Madison Community School District.