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1. Do you think genetic engineering should be banned due to safety concerns?

2. If you answered yes to #1, explain why it should be banned?

3. Should scientists be allowed to insert new genes into food crops to improve nutritional value, shelf life, taste, color, or pest resistance?

4. Should genetic research be done to replace defective genes in humans with better, modified genes?

5. Do you think humans and animals should be cloned?

* 6. Explain why or why not humans and animals should be cloned?

7. Should scientists clone animals with special characteristics in order to use them to make new antibodies for humans?

8. Who should have control over decisions related to genetic engineering: the government, medical establishments, or individuals? Why?

9. Is there a difference between manipulating genes for the purpose of advancing medicine and physically improving the human species?

10. Do you think parents should have the right to choose the genetic makeup of their children (i.e. hair color, eye color, etc.)?