* 1. What brand of head do you CURRENTLY play with?

* 2. What is the model/name of your CURRENT head? e.g.: Clutch

* 3. Is your head legal for......

* 4. In your opinion, how well does your head perform in hot weather (above 80 degrees)?

* 5. How does your head perform in cold weather conditions?

* 6. If you could only pick ONE, what would be your favorite feature of your lacrosse head?

* 7. How do you feel about the weight of your CURRENT lacrosse head?

* 8. What would you change in the overall design of your CURRENT lacrosse head?

* 9. What WAS the single biggest influence in the purchase decision of your CURRENT lacrosse head?

* 10. How important to you is the durability of a lacrosse head?

* 11. How long do you expect a lacrosse head SHOULD last?

* 12. How often do you restring your lacrosse head?

* 13. Have you ever had a lacrosse head break?

14. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please tell us how it happened and where the break occurred on the head itself.

* 15. How important to you is the side wall design in a lacrosse head?

* 16. How important are color choices when purchasing a lacrosse head?

* 17. What type of pocket to you typically string?

18. If you could design the ultimate lacrosse head, what would you do?

* 19. Will the new NCAA rules play a vital role in your next lacrosse head purchase?

20. If your would like to have an opportunity to part of the Epoch field testing team, please complete ALL the information below.