Fellow Angelenos:

The Mayor of the City of Los Angeles is given the responsibility by the City Charter to develop a budget plan that must be presented for City Council consideration by April 20th of each year. I will develop a budget blueprint that addresses the needs of the City’s diverse communities, reflects shared priorities, and moves the City toward important goals. As we begin the planning process for Fiscal Year 2009-10, I invite you to help me develop my proposed budget by sharing your thoughts on how we should create a balanced budget that addresses City priorities and remains fiscally responsible.

To ensure that the needs of your neighborhoods are voiced, my office has created a budget survey to help guide the development of the City budget. This survey asks you to make very tough choices regarding real decisions that I will need to make. This year, the City of Los Angeles will be challenged by many issues, including the uncertain impact of the turbulent national economy, likely revenue shortfalls, and increased service demands.

Given these daunting challenges, it is important to hear from community members about their budget priorities and their thoughts regarding the City’s revenues and expenditures. I urge you to participate by completing the budget survey. Your participation will help ensure that budget priorities encompass the most pressing needs of our City.

Very truly yours,

Antonio R. Villaraigosa
5% of survey complete.