1. What is your gender?

2. What is your relationship status?

3. Do you have dependant children or parents that you support financially?

4. Do you share all your financial information with your partner or parents?

5. Do you have separate or joint accounts for household bills?

6. Who pays the joint bills such as mortgage, utilities and food?

7. Do you keep cash hidden from your partner?

8. Why do you keep the money hidden?

9. Do you have a seperate bank account?

10. Have you discovered a secret stash kept by your partner?

11. How did you react?

12. What had your partner used the money for?

13. How did you discover the stash?

14. Did it affect your trust in your partner's money management?

15. Should each partner get an allowance they don't have to account for?

16. Do you have joint debts?

17. What type of debts?

18. Is your partner open about the level of debt and repayments required?

19. Have you ended up in financial trouble as a result of your partner's debt?

20. How did you resolve the problem?

21. Do you think couples need to set groundrules on finances early in the relationship?

22. Do we need to be more financially savvy?

23. Do you want to share your experience with readers? please leave your contact details here.