1. Are you a Sales Manager who wants to improve the effectiveness of your sales team?

People who manage Sales Teams in this day and age often face a difficult task.

Caught between the demands of the company and senior management and the needs of your Sales staff, you often feel you are being pulled in many directions.

It appears it is only the most skilled and organised Sales Managers that seem to be capable of covering off all areas of their responsibility.

At Banjar Group we have helped many Sales Managers, both new to the role as well as long standing Managers, reach their true potential and achieve success and satisfaction in the position.

The following survey is an opportunity for you to look at your sales and management ability against the 21 Sales and 7 Sales Management Competencies Banjar Group have identified as essential to Sales Management success.

A competency can be described as an employee's characteristic that contributes distinguishably to successful performance in a specific role. So, the right competencies make the difference between good and bad performance in a particulare role.

In this survey we will look at the following competencies:
- Professional Competencies
- Business Competencies
- Behaviour Competencies
- Specific Sales Management Competencies.

These following questions will allow us to get a snapshot of your level of competence as a Sales Manager. It may reveal areas for improvement that can be addressed by contacting Banjar Group or it may reinforce for yourself the skills you have that make you the successful Sales Manager you are!!

Once the survey is completed we will forward you the results or contact you to discuss ways in which we may be able to assist your development as a Sales Manager.

Mike Boyle
Banjar Group
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* 1. So we can forward the results onto you with our comments we require that you complete the following information.

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* 2. What is your position within your Company?

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* 3. What is it you love about selling and/or Sales Management?