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WeGoMil Real-Time Rideshare Survey

Entry Questions
We’d like to understand more about your commute before you started using WeGoMil.

1. How did you normally travel to/from work? (Please pick the mode that best describes your commute prior to WeGoMil)

2. What is (or are) the main reason(s) for participating in the WeGomil Rideshare program instead driving alone? (please pick as many as appropriate):

3. Have you ever used any of the following modes to get to work (Please pick as many as appropriate responses prior to WeGoMil):

4. How far do you travel to get to a Park & Ride Lot?

5. What is your average time for your AM and PM commute? (choose one for AM and one for PM)

Less than 30 mins
30 mins - 1 hour
1 hour - 1.5 hours
1.5 hours - 2 hours
More than 2 hours

6. What is your approximate door-to-door commute distance?

7. What does your daily commute cost?

8. Do you have a free parking space at work?

9. Why did you join WeGoMil? (Select one)

10. Will you continue to use WeGoMil after the Pilot Test?

* 11. Please confirm your email address