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* 1. How long have you been a blogger for?

* 2. How influential do you think food bloggers have become?

* 3. What are the top issues for your blog?

4. What do you think the most important aspects of blogging?

* 5. Do you get approached by PRs?

* 6. Do you think PR companies understand bloggers and blogging?

* 7. Have you ever felt pressured by a PR person or company to run a story?

* 8. Do you prefer to deal with PR agencies with a written code of conduct for blogger relations?

* 9. In general, how far ahead do you plan your stories?

* 10. Do you differentiate between branded and non-branded items when writing about a food product?

11. Have you ever gained any professional opportunities as a result of your blog?

* 12. Do you blog full time or part time?

* 13. Do you earn an income from blogging?

14. If yes, is that income enough to live off?

* 15. Do you see yourself as professional blogger or is a hobby?

* 16. What motivates you to blog?

* 17. Have spent money setting up your blog or on blog-related equipment?

* 18. How do you want to deal with PRs and/or PR companies?

* 19. Do you like to attend events with mainstream media?

* 20. Have you ever experienced public criticism as a result of your blog or negative comments on your blog site?

* 21. How regularly do you monitor the comments on your blog?

22. Would you ever write about a product or place that you hadn’t experienced personally?

* 23. What other forms of social media do you use?

* 24. Are the other social media tools cited above linked to your blog?

* 25. How do you measure your readership?

* 26. How many readers do you have per month?

* 27. What mistakes do you think PR companies make when dealing with bloggers?

28. Would you like the results of this survey? If so, please provide your email address