Thank you for applying to attend CAMP BraveDirt scheduled for January 11 - 13, 2013. We can't wait! Once you complete our application, we will call you to confirm your participation. The camp cost is $695. This amount can be paid in full or it can be made in 3 installments via credit card.The price includes all meals, coaching, presentations and mountain bikes, if needed. We look forward to working with you!

1. What is your name?

2. What is your birthdate?

3. What is your address?

4. What is your phone number?

5. What is your email address?

6. What has been your experience in regards to the sport of triathlon? You do not need to be a “racer” at
all. Just share with us your level of "triathlon" exposure so we can better assist you with achieving
your goals. It is our goal at CAMP BraveDirt that you have a great experience that will expose you to your
strengths and help you create realistic goals moving forward.

7. Are you currently doing any running, swimming or riding either on the road or in the dirt? If so, how many
hours per week are you training in each sport?

8. Do you own a mountain bike? This is not necessary to attend CAMP BraveDirt. If needed, we will
provide a bike for you!

9. Are you interested in “nutrition” and learning how to better fuel your body for better fitness? Is this a
subject that you are currently aware of in your daily life?

10. Have you ever completed any running or triathlon races? If so, what distance was your race? What were your finish times?

11. Why do you want to attend CAMP BraveDirt?

12. Do you have any questions or concerns?

Thank you for completing The CAMP BraveDirt Application Form. You will hear from us shortly.


Lesley Paterson, Tammy Tabeek and Leigh-Ann Webster