Idaho Readership Survey

This readership survey seeks your input on The Nature Conservancy's Idaho-based publications, including the Idaho Updates (winter/spring & summer/fall) and the Idaho Annual Report (fall). It does not address the Conservancy's national magazine, which members receive four times a year.

1. How often do you typically read Idaho Update (the chapter's bi-annual newsletter) and the Idaho Annual Report?

2. How much of each newsletter do you read?

3. How much of each annual report do you read?

4. Do you prefer to read your newsletters and reports....

5. If there were additional content from the newsletter or annual report available only online, how likely are you to go to the website and read it?

6. The number of topics the newsletters and annual report can focus on is almost unlimited. Please rate your interest in knowing about the following Idaho-based topics:

  Very interested Interested Somewhat interested Not interested No opinion
Project updates
Personal stories from the field
Wildlife encounters
Recreational opportunities
Volunteer opportunities
Donor opportunities

7. Please suggest any new topics that you wish the newsletter or annual report would cover:

8. Please rate the quality of our publications (newsletters and annual report) on the following:

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very poor No opinion
Ease of reading
Layout and design

9. Please indicate your agreement with this statement: "Idaho newsletters and annual report strengthen my personal connection to the Conservancy."

10. What actions have you taken as a result of reading the newsletter or annual report? (Check all that apply)