* 1. Personal Information

* 2. Do you have any prior promoter related experience? If yes, please explain.

* 3. Do you have any contacts or connections at local music venues or local music outlets?
If so, please list the venues along with the cities they are in.

* 4. Why do you want to become a part of the iEDM Promoter Team?

* 5. What are the last two EDM shows you've attended?

* 6. Who are your top 3 favorite EDM artists?

* 7. You will choose a unique 10% discount code for iEDM.com which you will then use as your promoter code for iEDM.com (This code allows us to track who used it and helps us calculate your monthly commission)
Your code should be unique yet easy to remember ie : RAVEDAY 
Note: If your code has not been used in 45 days it will be disabled

What code would you like?

* 8. We also provide stickers, flags, and cards that can help you with promoting.
Since they aren't cheap to make we cannot send them to every promoter for free.
1. Cards are available for free but we do ask that you cover shipping.
2. Stickers are $15 for 100 or free when you reach 25 sales.
3. Flags are $20 each or free when you reach 40 sales.

What promotional materials are you interested in? Check all that apply

* 9. How many friends/followers do you have?

* 10. What is the closest major city near you?

* 11. What is your Paypal E-mail? (we pay you every month via Paypal)

Download the iEDM Promoter Handbook HERE