1. New Faculty/Staff Gateway

Please use this form to give us feedback on the updated Faculty/Staff Gateway. You comments are important to the evolution of this web site.
Please take a moment to look of the updated Faculty/Staff Gateway before answering the questions below.

1. Overall, what is your satisfaction with the new Faculty/Staff gateway

  Very dissatisfied Netural Very Satisfied
Level of Satisfaction:

2. What do you think about the amount of NEWS on the Faculty/Staff Gateway home page

  Too little news Just the right amount Too much news
Amount of news

3. What do you think about the amount of RESOURCES listed on the Faculty/Staff home page

  Too few resources Just the right amount Too many resources
Amount of resources

4. Are there other "Quick Links" you think should be on the Faculty/Staff gateway home page?

5. Are there other questions that should be answered in the 'How do I...' section

6. What other information or resources would you like to see as part of the Faculty/Staff Gateway

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