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Welcome to the application for a position on the Student Leadership Team. On the next page, you will find the job description. Please review it before completing the application.

Set aside sufficient time to complete the entire application in one sitting; you won't be able to stop midway and resume at a later time. Unfortunately the program will send us an incomplete application whether you click "done" or not at the end. So please only begin filling out the application if you intend on finishing it in one sitting. You should anticipate 20-30 minutes to complete the application.

You may go back and forth throughout the application and make corrections, but your final answers will be submitted after you click "done".

If you have any questions throughout our application process, please contact Alisha Leu at programs@honors.umass.edu or 413.545.0742

The Application deadline is Friday, April 4th by 9:00am.