1. Introduction

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Welcome to the Article II comments and suggestions form. Thank you for taking time to give your responses on this important document and at this important time for our faith.

The UUA Commission on Appraisal has been engaged in study and review of Article II of the UUA Bylaws. The Commission was appointed by the UUA Board of Trustees to conduct this review, which started in 2006. Based on two years of extensive comments and suggestions from congregations and individuals, the Commission has produced the draft version below. As the final phase of study and review, the Commission seeks comments and suggestions about this draft version. You are invited to complete the questionnaire below and submit your answers before the firm deadline of October 16, 2008.

When possible, the Commission encourages congregations to hold workshops for people to discuss this proposed version in groups. If your congregation does this, there will be a place to indicate this on the survey. This form also allows for individual responses.

The Commission will review the results of this survey at its meeting that begins October 23, 2008. At that meeting, the Commission will produce a final proposal to be presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration at its January 2009 meeting. With the Board’s approval, the final proposal will go to the delegates at the 2009 General Assembly for preliminary approval (majority vote required). Before the delegates vote, there will be a mini-assembly where further revisions can be proposed. The vote for final approval and adoption will take place at the 2010 General Assembly (2/3 vote required).

A hard copy of this survey is being mailed to all congregations. You may also download a copy to print and fill out at www.uua.org/coa Please spread word of this survey as widely as possible.