Additional prerequisites and application process info. are outlined at:

This application provides critical placement information. Errors in your application or unreported changes may negatively impact your placement opportunities. [Upon receipt of your application, we will enroll you in the Canvas Student Teaching Registration program. You will receive an email when you are enrolled. You can then start uploading the documents (referenced below) to Canvas. PDF is preferred.]

Please use the following checklist to ensure you have submitted the required documents with your application. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of what has been submitted.

The following 3 items are required to begin the placement process:

1. Submit SurveyMonkey APPLICATION (with all fields filled out and verification that you understand how the information will be used).

2. RESUME that highlights your work with youth and your experiences in schools. [For assistance with this, contact Career Services at]

3. One to two page PHILOSOPHY STATEMENT that discusses your beliefs about teaching and learning.

Please immediately follow up with these remaining requirements as they are available:

4. A copy of your 'EXAMINEE' Praxis Score Report. [This is different from the 'Institutional' copy you may have sent Rider.]

5. A copy of a valid substitute teacher license OR criminal background check. This process can take several weeks to complete and should be initiated immediately. [To obtain one, contact the Administrative Office at a School District for the necessary paperwork. Not all districts will provide the paperwork. If unsuccessful, please contact the Director or Assist. Director in the Office of Field Placement. You may also contact at 856-482-0300. IMPORTANT: With a substitute teacher license, a district can hire you while you wait to receive your teacher license. This is not the case with just a criminal background check.]

6. Be ready to present the results of a current Mantoux (TB) test to the district in which you are placed. The test must be taken within the six months prior to beginning your student teaching.

You CANNOT be an applicant in a district for student teaching if any of the following circumstances exist: If you have been previously enrolled or graduated from the district, or if a member of your immediate family or relative is enrolled or employed (in any capacity) in the district or is serving on the school board in the district.

If at any point ((before or after receiving your placement) your academic status (program or certification) or personal information (data on application) changes you must notify our office immediately via email at Failure to do so may result in removal from assignment upon discovery of conflict of interest and/or inaccurate information.

The Office of Field Placement is responsible for all placement communication on behalf of the University. Please make an appointment with the Director or Assist. Director if you have special circumstances you wish to discuss.

A school might contact you directly for a phone or in-person interview. Be prepared. The office will send you a placement confirmation email indicating your district, school, and cooperating teacher when your placement is confirmed.