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The following questions are regarding active traditional protection devices:

Please only complete this survey if you are a trad climber.

1. Do you own your own trad climbing gear?

2. Would you buy and use a non-metal (i.e. plastic) device if it were certified to perform as well as current devices?

3. When placing protection what size device do you tend to use the most? Include the brand name in your answer (i.e. Black Diamond Camalot #0.5).

4. How many protection devices do you own which cover crack sizes 0.5" - 3.5" (finger to fist, Black Diamond Camalot #.3-3)?

5. Would you buy a device which covers finger to fist-sized cracks and weighs the same as current devices which only cover fist-sized cracks?

6. If you answered yes to the previous question, how much would you pay for this device? Round to the nearest dollar.

7. Rate the following qualities for a protection device:

  Very Unimportant Somewhat Unimportant Neutral Somewhat Important Very Important
Placement time/ ease of use
Ease of removal
Flexible stem