* 1. Were you or your business/organization impacted by the internet service outage in Mendocino County beginning late Sunday, August 3, 2014?

* 2. If yes, can you please identify which service provider you receive internet service from?

* 3. Please indicate exactly which services you lost during this time.

* 4. In what capacity are you responding to this survey? As a(n) ...

* 5. If you are not answering as an individual, please specify your role at the business or organization and its name.

* 6. If you are responding as an individual, please characterize the impacts of this service outage to you and/or your family. Feel free to add as much detail as possible.

* 7. If you are responding on behalf of a business, as a business owner, or as an organization’s representative, please explain how the outage impacted your business or organization; be as specific as possible.

For example, if you are a business, you could estimate the dollar amount of revenue lost during the time you were without service.

We are looking for anything and everything you can think of as to how this impacted you.

* 8. Are there any other comments you would like to add?

* 9. Please provide your name and the address where you experienced the outage; the more specific the better, i.e., 1234 Old Towne Road, Coastal City, CA, 99999. If a specific address is not possible, please provide the closest cross street and/or intersection.

Although your name is not required, and will not be used for mailing lists or re-distribution, it will help us know what, where and who was impacted by this outage along the coastal communities.