1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. How long have you been a customer of Intracoastal Bank?

2. Why did you choose Intracoastal Bank for your banking needs?

3. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Intracoastal Bank?

4. How likely are you to recommend Intracoastal Bank to your friends or relatives?

5. Do you recall your last visit to the bank?

6. If Yes, Please rate the employee's ability to assist you.

7. How would you rate the employee on being courteous?

8. What area of the bank did you do business with on your last visit?

9. Intracoastal Bank is always looking for ways to improve our service and products. Please give us any feedback that may help the bank to continue to satisfy our customers.

10. If you would like the bank to contact you, please give us your name and phone number. We will address any questions or comments promptly.