* 1. What is your student ID number?

* 3. What is your course number?

4. What is the name of your instructor?

* 5. How useful was the library workshop you attended in helping you to do your research?

6. At the end of the library workshop, which search tools can you demonstrate the ability to access and search ?

* 7. When searching for a phrase such as "just war doctrine" in the Library Catalog or a subscription/periodical database, why is it advantageous to set the phrase off in double quotations?

* 8. What is the main benefit of using the subscription/periodical databases available through the library's website? SELECT THE BEST ANSWER!

9. Match the resource to the search tool used to retrieve it.

  Subscription/Perioidcal Database Online Catalog Search Engine I Don't Know
Bureau of Labor statistics
Peer-reviewed article on swine flu in California
Reserve book for my Anthropology course

* 10. If you were given a journal article citation, and were told that the article was available full-text, where would you first search to retrieve the full-text article?

* 11. Which statement is NOT true?

* 12. A keyword search on a database has retrieved 10,000 articles. Which search strategy might work best to LIMIT your search to the most relevant articles?

13. When asked to perform a search on an Internet search engine or subscription database, which of the following searches would NARROW the results the most?

* 14. Using quotation marks around words in a search will:

* 15. When searching an online catalog for materials found in a library, what is the BEST search option to use to retrieve the type of information.

  Subject Search Keyword Search Author Search I Don't Know
Books by Stephen King
Books about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
A CD with the Beatles song Yesterday
A book about the internet and politics in Iran

* 16. Subscription periodical databases

* 17. Web sites found through a search engine (Google):

* 18. If a website looks professional and has an author,

19. In which instances do you give credit by citing the source? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)

* 20. Which of the following statements is true?

* 21. At the end of the library workshop, you can identify the elements needed to properly cite articles using the proper MLA/APA format and style