Please complete all the questions. Please note that this questionnaire is confidential. All responses will be collated and will help to inform Equity's work in the field of role play.

1. How many years have you role-played for?

2. How many role-play days are you employed to do in an average month?

3. Do you work for one or several companies?

4. Which sectors have you role-played in?

5. Which of these role-play companies have you worked for?

6. What is the largest sum you have been paid for a day's role-play work (during the last 12 months)?

8. What is the least you have been paid for one day's role-play work (during the last 12 months)?

10. In general, do you receive travel or overnight expenses when you work in role-play?

11. In general, are your meals paid for or provided when you are working in role-play?

12. In general, do you get adequate breaks during the day when you are working in role-play?

13. What is the longest time (in weeks) that you have had to wait to receive payment for a job in role-play?

14. What is the average time (in weeks) you wait to receive payment for a job in role-play?

15. In general, do you find that you get enough time to prepare for assignments in role-play (including research, reading briefs and receiving materials)?

16. Do you get paid for your preparation/rehearsal time?

17. Have you ever received a cancellation fee when a client or role-play company cancels your assignment?

18. Do you believe that the role-play sector could be improved by the adoption of standardised guidelines?

19. What do you think is the most important area for improvement in role-play work?

20. Have you had to be physically examined during the roleplay (to include dental examinations as well)?

21. If you have undergone a physical examination during the roleplay, have you been given prior warning?

22. In general do you receive sufficient training from clients/role play providers before undertaking your role?

23. Do you have any other comments about your work in the role-play sector?

24. Would you like to receive further contact from Equity regarding your work in role-play?

25. Are you an Equity member?