EWI Secure ICT Survey

3% of survey complete.
The EastWest Institute is leading a Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative to help make cyberspace more secure and predictable. As part of that initiative, EWI has established a “breakthrough group” that is working to enhance cybersecurity for governments and enterprises globally by enabling the availability and use of more secure ICT products and services. For providers in the ICT supply chain, the group is promoting the use of recognized and proven international standards and best practices that improve product and service integrity. For buyers of ICT, the group will work to foster the use of procurement practices that are founded on recognized and proven standards and best practices for secure ICT.

This request for input asks you to evaluate a set of principles and answer a short set of questions, no more than 25, to help us understand the marketplace dynamics for secure ICT. This includes understanding what buyers need or want from suppliers (demand side), and what ICT providers are offering (supply side).