* 1. Student LAST Name

* 2. Student FIRST name

* 3. Student email address

* 4. What campus will you be attending?

* 5. Parent/Guardian #1 name

* 6. Parent/Guardian #2 name

* 7. What is the student's race?
(Enter all choices that apply)

* 8. Is your student part of a military family?
*This is defined as students who are children of:
Active duty members of the uniformed services, National Guard and Reserve on active duty orders
Members or veterans who are medically discharged or retired within one year
Members who had died on active duty

* 9. What language did your child first understand or speak?

* 10. What language do you use most often when speaking with your child at home?

* 11. What language does your child use most often when speaking at your home?

* 12. What language does your child use most often when speaking with other family members?

* 13. What language does your child use most often when speaking with friends?

* 14. What language(s) does your child read?

* 15. What language(s) does your child write?

* 16. At what age did your child start attending school?

* 17. Has your child attended school every year since that age?

* 18. Would you prefer oral and written communication from the school in English or in your home language?

* 19. Sturgis offers a String Ensemble and a Jazz Band. Both groups meet once a week, before school. Only general ability and your own instrument are required to participate. These music groups perform at the school’s Winter Concert and the Spring Arts Festival. Please indicate your child's interest.

* 20. Sturgis Students are permitted, with the consent of a parent or guardian, to leave the building during lunch period. It is a highly valued privilege for our students and a reflection of our confidence in their maturity and sense of responsibility. We expect students’ behavior during lunch to meet the following three standards. If it does not, we will withdraw the privilege and assign them to supervised lunch until we feel they are ready to use the opportunity appropriately.
They are to protect their own safety.
They are to cross the streets on crosswalks without exception.
They are to wait for all traffic to come to a complete stop before crossing.
They are not to run across the street.
They are to cross with the WALK sign at intersections.
They are to act in a manner that supports Sturgis’ reputation in the community.
They are to put all refuse in trash containers and not litter.
They are not to congregate on sidewalks in a way that interferes with others’
They are to be polite and respectful in interactions with people working in the
stores and with other customers.
They are not to smoke.
They are to return to school to begin their next class having consumed all their food before they enter the classroom.

If the below boxes are NOT checked, we will not allow the student to leave the school building during lunch.

* 21. Parental participation is a vital part of our school’s success!
If you would like to volunteer in any of the Board of Trustee Committees listed below, please check the appropriate boxes:

  Finance Facilities Fundraising Technology Public Relations
Parent/Guardian #1
Parent/Guardian #2

* 22. If you would like to volunteer in the school or in any of the Sturgis Parent Association Committees listed below, please check the appropriate boxes:

  Sturgis Spirit Cards Auction Hospitality Special Events Serving on a Committee Office Help Nurse's Office Help Library Assistant
Parent/Guardian #1
Parent/Guardian #2