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* 1. I read the Jewish Exponent: (please select all that apply)

* 2. How many Jewish Exponent (print or e-newsletter) issues have you read in the past 4 weeks?

* 3. How many other people in your household read the Jewish Exponent online or in-print?

* 4. How frequently do you visit the Jewish Exponent’s website (

* 5. Do you receive the weekly Jewish Exponent e-newsletter?

* 6. If you do receive the weekly Jewish Exponent online newsletter, do you click through to articles on the website from the newsletter?

* 7. Are you familiar with Inside Magazine or any of the Jewish Exponent’s special interest supplements, such as Chanukah Gift Guide, Simchas, and the Good Life (Seniors)?

  Yes No
Inside Magazine
Special Supplements

* 8. In the next year are you planning to:

  Yes No
Go on a trip or vacation
Attend an arts or cultural event
Host a large party or event
Visit a casino
Participate in a Jewish community program or event
Join a Jewish group or organization
Work with a financial planner, investment advisor or wealth manager
Purchase a new or used car
Purchase a home
Refinance your home