1. Introduction

This survey is designed to explore the views and activities of the users of four UK Party-related websites - LabourHome, Labour List, ConservativeHome and Lib Dem Voice. The overall goal of the project is to better understand how and why party members, supporters and voters in general are using the web and blogs to engage with politics and political organisations.

The first section asks about your background and some general questions about your political activities and interests. The second section explores your views of the site and how you engage with it. The final section seeks to find out general information about your internet use and particularly what other political sites you engage with online.

Data are anonymised and all responses are treated in confidence.

This study is being conducted by the Hansard Society in association with researchers at the University of Manchester and University of Salford. For further information about this research, please contact either s.j.ward@salford.ac.uk, or rachel.gibson@manchester.ac.uk