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1. Should college football athletes be limited in their amount of usage on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter?

2. Does Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter put college athletes more at risk of punishments from the NCAA?

3. How many college athletes would you say you ‘follow’ on Facebook and Twitter?

4. Do you believe Universities make strong profits from elite college athletes?

5. Where you aware of the Cam Newton scandal before he turned professional?

6. Do you feel because the media creates these celebrity perceptions that college athletes feel more pressure?

7. Do you feel media creates more pressure for these athletes to accept illegal benefits??

8. Should college athletes be allowed to accept gifts of a monetary value under a certain amount?

9. Do you feel ESPN commentary usually supports or challenges your views on college athletes in the news?

10. Which type of media do you believe is most biased in its perception of college football athletes?