Please complete the following questionnaire and submit it electronically to the office of University Analysis, Reporting, & Assessment. Although you may choose to use the results in your personal portfolio, the survey is not intended to be used as an evaluative tool. Rather, it is the University and the SU Faculty that are being evaluated through the results—hence the emphasis for maximum participation. That being said, many department chairs and deans use the results to highlight the specific accomplishments of their faculty. When the data are submitted to the USM or other external parties, the results are provided in the aggregate. Other than a focused abstract distributed to the library that highlights the publications of SU faculty, your individual responses will be disclosed ONLY to YOU, YOUR department chair, and YOUR academic dean.

All data should be reported for the most recent 12-month faculty evaluation period (June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015). Please denote not-applicable data as "na" and any data element that is truly zero as "0".

Some very important notes about submitting your survey:
• The survey is not transmitted until and unless you click the “Done” button. If you begin completing the survey, and do not hit the “Done” button, you will lose all responses that you have entered.
• Before hitting the “Done” button, please take a moment to scan through your responses to be sure that they are complete and accurate. We are able to make corrections after submission, but wish to do so on a limited basis.
• As a safeguard, print a copy of your survey BEFORE you hit the "Done" button. This will serve as your completion receipt.

Please note that the majority of these questions need APPROXIMATIONS ONLY. An educated estimate is all that is required—you do not need to be precise.

1. Please include your name

2. What is your faculty classification?

4. Please list the number of activities you participated in that were related to institutional service (e.g., faculty governance, faculty committees, accreditation, peer mentoring, academic programs in residences, recruiting efforts, student activity advisor, other student activity involvement).

5. Please list the number of extension and outreach activities related to your field of expertise in which you participated (e.g., civic service, K-12 service, community workshops, invited talks to community groups, seminars, lectures, demonstrations).

6. Please estimate approximately how many days you spent in public service (e.g., K-12 schools, community college, government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, etc.).

7. Please list the number of activities related to recognized or visible service to profession in which you participated (e.g., service on a regional or national committee, service on a self-study visitation team for another institution, serving as an invited or volunteer juror for a show, performance, or exhibition).

8. Please list the number of leadership positions in a professional association you held(e.g., elected officer, committee chairperson, conference chair).

9. What was the total number of separate course preparations prepared by you during this 12-month evaluation period?

For example, if there is a course with two sections and one section is taught to honors students and the other section is taught to all other students and the faculty member must develop two separate course preparations, the faculty member would get credit for each course preparation.

10. Please list the number of existing courses where you redesigned the pedagogy or curriculum under the auspices of a grant or course-release time.

11. How many new courses did you create and have approved for delivery?

12. How many courses indicated in the previous items were delivered fully or primarily online?

13. What was the unduplicated headcount of undergraduate academic advisees formally assigned to you?

14. What is the unduplicated headcount of undergraduate students you have advised that were NOT formally assigned to you?

14% of survey complete.