System Center is entirely dependent on SQL server. Console performance and the end user experience can be dramatically effected by a poorly configured SQL environment. Can you help with giving some of your SQL/SC experience..

None of the questions are mandatory, just answer what you can.

1. What is your main area of expertise ?

2. Do you use SQL Server on VM's for System Center ?

3. If you have to host SQL on a VM what things do you do to help SQL performance ?

4. In terms of instance configurations for System Center what of the following do you use ?

5. What auto grow settings do you use for System Center data files ?

6. Do you change the default tempDB files and if so what changes do you make ?

7. Do you use Windows Firewall on a SQL server ?

8. From a SQL server perspective what are the main configuration mistakes that are being made in System Center deployments?

9. Do you use mixed mode authentication for SQL ?

10. DPM, WSUS and the SCCM Secondary Site all offer the use of SQL express, in your opinion should this be avoided ?

11. Why?

12. Do you use Operations manager to monitor SQL ?

13. What changes would you like to see made to the SQL MP?

14. What System Center DB's do you regularly see on the same instances?

15. How do you calculate the IOPS requirement for a System Center Application?

16. If you have multiple System Center applications on the same instance how do you manage the data base file for each DB ?

17. Do you use SCCM's desired configuration management/ Settings Management to monitor the configuration of your SQL servers ?

18. Any other comments or input you would like to add?