1. Was this your first time attending the WCF Partnership Meeting?

2. Which of the following categories best describes you:

3. Rate the following features of the Meeting from 1 (lowest) - 5 (highest):

  1 - Most Negative 2 - Somewhat Negative 3 - Neutral 4 - Positive 5 - Very Positive
Break out session topics
Plenary session topics
Davos Style/Conversational Panel Format
Use of PowerPoint Presentations
Social Events (Reception, Dinner)
Trade Fair tables
Free time/Condensed Schedule to Allow for Networking, Meetings
Quality of Speakers
Quality of Moderators
Cocoa Tour
Location - Dominican Republic

4. Name your top three (3) takeaways from the meeting:

5. Name three (3) subjects would you like to see covered at future Partnership Meetings?

6. Are there subjects you find repetitive at the Partnership Meetings that should not be covered next year?

7. Please add any additional comments.