1. Have you been to the library in the last:

2. Do you currently hold a New Milford Public Library card?

3. Do you find the current location of the library accessible?

4. Check the library department that you use the most

5. What services or programs have you used within the last 6 months? (check all that apply)

6. Have you taken a child to the library in the last year?

7. If you have taken a child to the library in the last year, what services did you use? (check all that apply)

8. If there are any services you would like/need that the library does not offer, please list here.

9. During your last visit to the library, what materials did you use/check out? (check all that apply)

10. When you come to the library to you find the books/materials that you want are usually

11. During your last trip to the library, was your experience

12. During your last did to the library, did you seek the assistance of a librarians/staff member?