1. How many people are employed by your business in the UK (including full and part time staff?)

2. Where is your business based?

3. The new Government has committed to a partial roll-back of the employer National Insurance Contribution rise, which is planned to take effect in April 2011. Should the remainder of the planned rise be scrapped as well?

4. It is widely expected that the Standard Rate of VAT will increase in the near-term. If, for example, the Standard Rate is increased to 20%, which method of handling would harm your business the least?

5. The Government has announced that it will change rules on Capital Gains Tax to move the headline rate closer to income tax rates for non-business assets. Are you concerned that these changes could have an adverse impact on your business?

6. If you answered YES to the question above, please indicate how concerned you are about the following occuring as a result of the proposed changes to Capital Gains Tax:

  Extremely concerned Concerned Slightly concerned Not concerned Not applicable
Damage to investor confidence
Capital availability for SMEs and start-ups
Effects on employee share schemes
Asset differentiation (defining 'business assets' vs. 'non-business assets')

7. The Government has announced its intention to simplify Corporation Tax. It intends to lower headline rates, with changes paid for by eliminating some tax allowances. Would it be detrimental to your business to reduce Corporation Tax at the expense of tax allowances?

8. If you answered YES to the question above, please name the allowance(s) critical to your business and state why they are important:

9. If you would like to make any further comments on tax policy changes, or the questions above, please use the box below to do so: