Your input regarding your student teaching experience will greatly improve future planning and course improvements.

It will only take a few minutes to complete the survey. We greatly appreciate your time and input.

* 1. Please select the description that best matches your student teaching placement from the options below and complete the survey with regard to that placement:

* 2. Were the following areas explained to you?

* 3. Did you experience difficulty in:

  None Some Much
Evaluating students' academic progress
Integrating technology into teaching and learning
Planning learning activities for students
Classroom management
Working with exceptional students
Motivating students
Relating to parents
Relating to faculty and staff
Understanding of subject matter
Differentiating instruction

* 4. What were your greatest satisfactions in student teaching? (Check all those that apply.)

* 5. What were your greatest dissatisfactions in student teaching? (Check those that apply.)

* 6. Rate your cooperating teacher(s) on each of the following:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Provided adequate observation time
Provided adequate planning time
Helped with classroom management
Made you feel welcome
Provided constructive feedback on your teaching
Allowed you some autonomy
Provided a well-rounded experience
Treated you as a professional colleague
Shared ideas and materials

* 7. How would you rate the effectiveness of your college supervisor in performing the following roles?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Kept you informed of your progress through constructive feedback following classroom observations
Was available when you needed help
Provided the public relations (liaison) function between the college and the public schools

* 8. What kinds of instructional technologies did you employ and/or were expected to know how to employ?

* 9. Please feel free to provide additional feedback regarding your student teaching experience!