Welcome to the 2014 Equipment Survey. Completing the survey requires about 5 minutes. Individual responses will not be made public. A summary of the results will appear in the March 2014 issue of Wine Business Monthly.

Contact Information

1. What type of business is your company?

2. What is your job function? (check as many as appropriate)

3. Please indicate winery size (annual case production)


4. Will the level of capital expenditures at your winery for 2014 vs 2013...

5. During 2014, is your winery planning on purchasing (check as many as appropriate)

6. If you're purchasing tanks, which sizes are you purchasing? (check as many as appropriate)

7. If you are purchasing new equipment, what is the primary reason?

8. What is the primary way you will be purchasing equipment?

Filtration and Bottling

9. Please indicate all the types of filtration you winery uses for white wines: (check as many as appropriate)

10. For polish filtration, what type of media does your winery use for white wines:

11. If you use cross-flow do you ...(check as many as appropriate)

12. Is the number of SKUs your winery is bottling ...

13. How does your winery bottle its wine? (check as many as appropriate)

14. What functionality does your bottling line include? (check as many as appropriate)

15. Mode of sterilization for the line? (check as many as appropriate)