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2012 I-RISE Application

The Interdisciplinary Research Institute in STEM Education (I-RISE) is recruiting Scholars for 2012. The I-RISE is a high-intensity summer research experience in which teams of researcher-videographers gather in Seattle to observe, document, and reflect on innovative K-12 professional development courses offered at Seattle Pacific University. I-RISE is a hub of collaboration for interdisciplinary research on teacher professional development, conceptual understanding of energy, learning theories, and formative assessment practices. We welcome applications from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of expertise.

The application consists of a basic questionnaire and a short reflection on a video episode provided by the I-RISE Directors. To gain access to the video, contact Rachel Scherr (rescherr@gmail.com).

The deadline to apply is March 15, 2012.

1. Name

2. Institution

3. Title

4. Which session would you want to attend?

  First choice Second choice Not available
Energy for Elementary Teachers (June 26-July 2) and I-RISE Congress I (July 5-6)
Energy for Secondary Teachers (August 6-17) and I-RISE Congress II (August 20-21)

5. Are you actively engaged in research on teaching and learning? If so, describe your research area here. If not, describe your involvement with teaching and learning.

6. Please describe your interest in the I-RISE. What would you bring to it? What would you hope to take away from it?

7. The I-RISE Directors have provided you with access to a short video episode. Please watch the episode (as many times as you like) and, in the space below, write a 500-word reflection on it. What happened in the episode that caught your interest? What do you think it might mean? (** Note: The video is captioned. If the captions do not appear, try opening it with a different video player, such as QuickTime Player 7.)