* 1. Please choose the option below that best characterizes your role as a participant at MTSU's 2013 Holocaust Studies Conference:

2. How did you learn about MTSU's Holocaust Studies Conference? If via an online source/site, please let us know which one.

3. How did you find the online registration experience for this conference?

4. Please share feedback on the conference meals, including continental breakfast and lunches.

5. Please share feedback on conference accommodations and services (e.g. conference hotel, local transportation [Key Transport], conference facilities).

6. The 2013 conference offered the first full day focused on Genocide Studies (Wed.) in addition to Holocaust Studies (Th./Fr.). Please share feedback on this new emphasis within the conference and any or all of the day's specific events you attended.

7. What specific topics, events, and/or speakers did you find most worthwhile?

8. What specific topics, events, and/or speakers would you like to see at the next conference?

* 9. Based on your experience at the 2013 MTSU Holocaust Studies Conference, how likely are you to participate in our future conferences?

10. Share any additional comments here. You may include your name and email if you wish (OPTIONAL).