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1. Who is your Legal Bibliography instructor?

2. How old are you?

3. When did you graduate from college?
Within the last:

4. What was your undergraduate major?

5. Do you have another graduate degree?

6. Do you consider yourself:

7. What type of student are you? (Select all that apply.)

8. Do you have a spouse/partner?

9. Do you have children?

10. Are you from Atlanta?

11. Do you work:

12. How long is your commute to school? (one-way)

13. How do you get to school? (Select all that apply.)

14. How do you expect law school to compare with your last school experience?

15. What do you expect from the library? (Select all that apply.)

16. What type of study atmosphere do you prefer? (Select all that apply.)

17. How would you prefer to receive communications from the library?