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1. Explain what it was like to move from the middle to the high school. Was it easy or hard? Explain.

2. What choices did you make that brought you to be part of the GEDO/SBS program?

3. What about the school, such as the daily schedule or class size, got in the way of you being successful in school?

4. What classes were the most difficult for you and why?

5. What factors, both in and out of your control, do you feel have affected your school performance?

6. Comment on how the high school staff helped or didn't help you when you struggled in school. Do not identify specific teachers or school professionals.

7. Explain how the school could have helped you be more successful early in your high school career to avoid being credit-deficient now.

8. Why is it important that you graduate from high school?

9. What are your plans after graduation?

10. Given what you now know about the SBS/GED Option #2 program, how do you think it will help you to be successful?