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1. Community colleges and vocational-technical schools are only for peoplewho want training for a specific job like welding, police work, commercial art, printing, and so forth.

2. The majority of jobs require a college education.

3. During your life time you will spend more of your waking time working than in any other activity.

4. You should choose a job as soon as possible so you can get the training necessary without wasting time.

5. The major effect of work on your life style is to provide the money for attaining and maintaining a standard of living.

6. Choosing a job or career is a matter of picking one you like and working hard to get the education or skills necessary.

7. If you plan correctly, you should be able to find the one job that is "right" for you.

8. Choosing the right job is important because you will be spending the rest of your life doing it.

9. People who change occupations often haven't done a good job of planning.

10. An apprenticeship is one way of earning while learning a job.