The purpose of this survey is to better assess certified organic crop producers’ attitudes and perceptions regarding organic seed. The purpose is also to understand producers’ current use of organic seed and any obstacles that restrict organic seed sourcing. Producers should be prepared to offer best estimates on their organic seed usage or have their seed records on hand. The survey also asks which crops and traits should be prioritized through organic plant breeding programs.

If you are a certified organic crop producer, please take ten minutes to respond to this survey. Your responses are voluntary and will be held confidential. Your responses will not be identified by individual or farm. All responses will be compiled and analyzed as a group.

Your participation is vital to our assessment. Even if you currently do not use organic seed, please respond to this survey. This national survey is conducted every five years to monitor organic seed availability and use, challenges in sourcing organic seed, and organic plant breeding needs, among other topics that inform our understanding of the barriers and opportunities in building the organic seed sector.

The data collected through this survey will be analyzed and compiled as part of our next State of Organic Seed report (to be published in 2015). The report serves as the only national assessment of organic seed and captures successes, obstacles, opportunities, and risks in organic seed systems. The report will be made public with detailed recommendations for improving access to seed that is optimal for U.S. organic agriculture.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jared Zystro by email at or by phone at (707) 502-9984. Mail correspondence to: Organic Seed Alliance, PO Box 772, Port Townsend, WA 98368

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This survey is for certified organic producers. If you are not currently a certified organic producer, stop here.

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