SA's premier innovation event of the year brings together thought leaders and practitioners in the field of innovation to show-case success stories, share lessons learnt, connect with peers, be inspired by those who keep on moving and practice by doing..... innovation!

This call for papers is calling upon practitioners to submit papers and workshops of interest that will be in line with SA Innovation Summit objectives:

The SA Innovation Summit aspires to raise awareness in the use of innovation toolsets to drive growth and well-being, facilitate collaboration among actors in the idea to market cycle and contribute to building the national system of innovation. These aims will in essence amplify South Africa's competitive edge and accelerate economic growth.

In its five years of existence the Summit’s greatest achievement was to engage the top echelon of SA’s leading minds in academia, industry and government to support innovation. It has also contributed to the birth of the South African Innovation Network (SAINe) in 2009. The Summit has had an overall of 500 delegates and a public footfall over 1500 attending the 2012 Summit during the 3 days of the event.

Key take aways:

• Tools and methods to keep on innovating
• Inspiring stories of journeys of innovation and thinking BIG
• Pathways to success, from idea to market
• Platforms that accelerates or focus innovation effort
• Benchmarking best practice in innovation management
• How to create a culture for innovation
• Practice and learn how to pitch your solution
• Funding sources at different stages of development
• Commercialisation tips
• Protecting a new idea
• Mobilising others through crowd sourcing
• Growth through innovation
• Corporate governance, measurement and reporting of innovation
• Networking with like-minded people so that your innovation can go VIRAL......


• Workshops or short talks: Content must be well researched. The use of case studies to illustrate concepts is preferable. Summit organisers must receive the workshop material before the workshop (workbook/presentation) and workshop material must be made available to participants at the beginning of the workshop. Workshops will be 90 min long with 30-50 participants. Short talks will be 20 minutes and must still be powerful and interactive.
• In 2013 we want to focus on three areas: the inventor, the innovation platform, the corporate that uses the innovation to accelerate innovation output or throughput.

Time lines and dates:

• The Summit will be held on 27,28 and 29 August 2013 at the IDC Conference centre
• Deadline for submission of papers is 15 April 2013. The selection will take place during 15 - 22 April 2013 and everyone will be notified by no later than 30 April of the final selection.
If you have expertise in any of these areas please submit your paper by completing the following questionnaire. For enquiries phone: 012 844 0670 or 082 578 0728.

The SA Innovation Summit Team