1. Basic Questions

Your answers are strictly confidential and anonymous. Software Quality Engineering staff members will communicate the findings in a summary report to Ross Collard, the panel discussion facilitator.

At STARWEST 2009, a panel of highly experienced testers will debate the theme: “The Reality of Testing”. They will bring a variety of perspectives, and we would like to include yours too. The STARWEST discussion will be driven by questions from the audience.
This survey will help us prepare for that panel discussion, and the survey results will be published at STARWEST. We will publish the results only in aggregate form, keeping your individual identity and answers strictly confidential.
We appreciate your participation in this survey.

Question Title

* 1. Your experience by position (do not double or triple-count the same year in multiple categories).

Question Title

* 2. For each statement listed below, indicate if you strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree. If your answer varies with circumstances, indicate your typical, most likely situation. If you are uncertain as to your answer, indicate this with a "?". If you do not understand the item, indicate with a "??".
Feel free to comment at will. We expect your comments and those of other participants to provide important insights. Where appropriate, link your comments to specific statements.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree ? ??
I have the skills I need to succeed in my job.
Major stakeholders know the value of testing.
I influence decisions which affect me and my testing.
We have realistic test and quality goals.
We have credibility and respect.
We have realistic test deadlines.