1. How would you describe reading the digital-only issue of FORE Magazine?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how did the added digital features (videos, photo galleries and animations) enhance your reading experience?

3. Do you support the environmentally-friendly theme of the issue?

4. Was the default text size large enough to read the magazine easily?

5. How many times did you access this issue of the magazine?

6. Did you know that all issues of FORE Magazine are available digitally?

7. What was your favorite feature story in the issue?

8. What was your favorite video?

9. How valuable was the information on Solar Energy?

10. The SCGA partnered with a Southern California-based company to sponsor this issue. Do you remember what company that was?

11. How do you prefer to read FORE Magazine?

12. To save costs and help the environment, if you were provided the opportunity to opt-out of receiving the hard copy of FORE Magazine, would you?

13. Do you have any story ideas for future editions of FORE Magazine?