1. Devil's Lake Emergency Repair, Thursday August 14 - Sunday August 17, 2008

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IAPTF Mobile Skills Crew , Devil's Lake State Park.

We'll provide meals and a place to camp for event participants. You are welcome to come for all or any part of the event, and no previous trail-building experience is necessary!

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* 1. Please enter your contact information.

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* 2. Are you under 18 years old?

If you answered "Yes" above, please complete the Parental Approval Form and bring with you to the project. You can find the document by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:


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* 3. While we hope that we don't need to use it, we do ask that you provide an Emergency Contact.

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* 4. We have many volunteer oportunities available. What are you most interested in helping with?

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* 5. Will you be camping at Devil's Lake State Park with us or commuting to the project/work site?

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* 6. Please indicate the days and time that you will be on site.

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Note: Typical Sunday workday ends at noon.

  AM Work Session PM Work Session
Thursday, August 14
Friday, August 15
Saturday, August 16
Sunday, August 17

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* 7. We provide meals for all volunteers who donate their time and energy to Statewide IAPTF MSC projects. Which meals will you be joining us for? Lunches are in the field, breakfast and dinner will be at Devil's Lake State Park.

Wednesday Dinner
Thursday Breakfast
Thursday Lunch
Thursday Dinner
Friday Breakfast
Friday Lunch
Friday Dinner
Saturday Breakfast
Saturday Lunch
Saturday Dinner
Sunday Breakfast
Sunday Lunch

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* 8. Are you a trained Mobile Skills Crew Leader and willing to Crew Lead?

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* 9. Are you a trained/certified IAPTF Sawyer?

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* 10. Do you have any further questions or comments regarding this Registration Form or the upcoming project?

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* 11. Emergency work on the Ice Age Trail at Devil's Lake State Park will continue after this project. Paid crew member positions (flexible scheduling) may be available through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Would you like to know more about this opportunity?

DIRECTIONS (see also the 2008 IAT Atlas, Map 61f)

DIRECTIONS TO CAMP HQ at Devil's Lake State Park.
More to come, but for now, plan on using the Southshore Rd. visitor entrance. A State Park Admission sticker may be required....more to follow.

DIRECTIONS TO THE WORK SITE: Southshore Rd. Ice Age Trail crossing. Note that limited parking is available.

WHAT TO BRING: INSECT REPELLANT, sturdy hiking or work boots, leather work gloves, daypack, water bottles, sunscreen, long-sleeve shirt and pants, hat, bug net, raingear, shorts, towel, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, compass, and personal needs.

DAY PLAN: Car pool to the work sites from Camp HQ, leaving at 7:55 am. Lunch will be in the field. If coming for the day only, bring a lunch.

Watch for yellow “Ice Age Trail Event” signs.

Thank You for pre-registering for the Mobile Skills Crew project. Your registration will be complete after you hit the Submit button below. We will send out registration confirmation the week of the project.