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Welcome! We're excited to have you join the public beta of VUDU's Brazil software. Please complete the short form below in order to be added to our public beta list.

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* 2. Please enter the System ID of the VUDU Box on which you would like to be able to access Brazil.

The System ID can be found on your VUDU Box under Info & Settings > System Info > System ID and looks like 0x0000.

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VUDU Brazil is different from the service currently available on your VUDU Box (Amadeus). Brazil features instant-start HDX, Rotten Tomatoes ratings, Theatrical Trailers, 2-minute "Free Previews" for most movies, and bonus features for select titles (like Avatar). However, Brazil does not play movies when you are not connected to the Internet and cannot store purchased movies on your VUDU box. Finally, Brazil does not currently support all VUDU Labs applications. Please note that movies purchased while using Brazil will only play when using Brazil. Similarly, movies purchased while using Amadeus will only play while using Amadeus. During this public beta, you will have the ability to switch between Brazil and Amadeus via a menu option in the "Info and Settings" area of VUDU. While we are excited about Brazil, it is also a beta software release and you may experience some bugs. We look forward to hearing about your experience so that we can improve the product prior to its commercial release on the VUDU box.

Thank you for submitting your information. Your box will be authorized for the Brazil software within 1 day.

NOTE: your VUDU box must be connected to the Internet in order to download the Brazil software. Downloading the Brazil software may take up to 48 hours once it is available to your box. Actual download time depends on your Internet connection and whether you are watching movies. You may confirm that Brazil has downloaded to your box by going to Info & Settings > System Info > Software Version, which should be 3.0.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Brazil.