Information needed before starting a Girl Scout Activity Form

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Documents to review before starting a Girl Scout Activity Form:

• Please make sure you have signed the Online Volunteer Agreement for the 2014-2015 Membership Year in the GSEM online registration system.

• Please review the Safety Activity Checkpoint of your activity before filling out the Girl Scout Activity Form.

Information Needed:

• Type of Activity- Please only fill out a GSAF if you are doing a high-risk activity. Review page 58 of Volunteer Essentials for a list of high-risk activities.

• Troop # of the troops participating in the activity and Service Unit Name.

• Date of the activity.

• Number of adults and girls (and their level) attending this activity.

• Names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of 2 adults responsible for this activity.

• Mode of transportation to event. You will need a Certificate of Liability for any chartered or leased vehicles.

• First Aider name and certification expiration date.

• For overnight trips, you will need to know the types of activities you will be doing and the names of the adults going on the activity and their certifications. For example, tent trained, lodge trained, or encampment trained.

• For Money-Earning activities, you will need the additional information of a description of activity, purpose of activity, and goal amount of activity. You must participate in the Fall Product Sale and Cookie Sale!

• Are non-members attending? If so, non-member insurance needs to be purchased and directions are on our website and in the GSAF.

• Please review our online Certificate of Liability list for your activity location. If your location isn’t listed, please request one from them.