1. Have we included all of the resources (coal, gas, hydro, wind, solar, municipal waste, biogas, biomass, geothermal, nuclear) we need to consider? (check only one response)

2. What, if any, additional resources would you suggest we add to the EIRP modeling process? (List all that you think Colorado Springs Utilities should include):

3. Are the ranges for the following acceptable as outlined?
Demand Side Management (DSM) = energy efficiency/conservation
4%, 6% and 10% of sales by 2020
20% of sales by 2030

Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) = renewables in our resource mix by 2020
10%, 20% and 30% Renewables
50% Renewables by 2030

Environmental Regulation Adders = additional costs for removing emissions
$1.5/MWh, 7.5/MWh, 10.0/MWh

Environmental Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Adder
Zero, $3/Ton, $25/Ton, $50/Ton

4. How would you change the ranges above? List the criteria (DSM, RPS, etc.) with your suggested range changes.
Or if you don't feel a range is adequately covered, please state which range (such as DSM, RPS, loads, prices, etc.) and why.

5. Is there anything else you would suggest to Colorado Springs Utilities as we proceed with the EIRP process?