* 1. How useful was the information/education presented at the Conference?

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Rob Hinton, UW - Keynote Speaker
Mike Johnson, MacDonald-Miller "Mobilizing Your Facility Operations - Productivity Through Data Analytics"
Gary Cole, Belimo Americas "The Advancement of Pressure Independent Technology"
Rich Sable, EQ2 & Keith Geary, Mason General "Meeting, Tracking and Reporting Regulatory Compliance Requirements with CMMS"
Oscar Peraza, JCI's Chiller Products "Alternative Hot Water Solutions using Water to Water Heat Pumps"
Ernie Tarof, Follett "Icemaker & Dispenser Maintenance"
Maile Akina, LiquiTech "Climically Proven Disintection for Potable Water Systems"
Tom Pride & Michael Nelson, Mazzetti "NFPA 70-E; Application of Arc Flash Safety"
Jonathan Fanning, Enterpreneur, Parent, Citizen "Brilliant in the Basics"
Rick McGuffey, ASHE Region 10 Director "ASHE Updates"
Thane Eddington, PKA Architects; Doug Paine, Good Shepard Medical Center; John Wood, Mazetti & Tom Jaleski, Code Unlimited (Panel Presentation) "Learn it the easy way or the hard way: FLS Documentation"
Matt Stormont, OSHE President, OHSU "Update on 'State of Oregon' Activities"

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